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MicroCredentials in Higher Education

Applicable Skills for Today's Professional Obtaining a MicroCred

Become a subject matter expert in your field or explore new topics with an LSU microcredential, or MicroCred program. These 100% online programs are designed for today’s professionals to quickly gain job-specific skills in an affordable and convenient format. Each MicroCred program is either self-paced or term-based, consists of two to six courses, and rewards you with a digital badge upon completion.

What is a digital badge?

Upon completion of your MicroCred, you will receive a unique digital badge that highlights the skills you've acquired. Use the digital badge to bulk up your online resume or website to show off your qualifications.

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Engineering & Construction
Human Services & Social Work
Technology & Data Analytics

MicroCred Frequently Asked Questions

A MicroCred, or micro-credentials, is a group of short, related courses administered by LSU for individuals who need a flexible means for training or learning a new skill. Each program is made up of a series of two to six related courses on a specific topic that when successfully completed, earns the student an official LSU digital badge. This badge can be shared on any digital platform, such as LinkedIn.
Yes, each MicroCred varies from 2 to 6 courses in many diverse industries and topics.
No, you do not have to be admitted into LSU to take a MicroCred. However, if you would like your credits from a MicroCred to be applied toward a certificate or a degree, you will need to enroll. For more information about enrollment, visit the admissions page here.
LSU MicroCreds are designed for professionals looking to advance their knowledge and skills in a particular area of focus for career growth or skills enrichment. Additionally, since students in the program do not have to be admitted to LSU, it’s open to everyone.
Generally, MicroCreds have fewer courses than certificate programs and are all online. Successful completion of a MicroCred provides a digital badge where a certificate program provides you with a physical certificate. A digital badge can be shared on any digital platform, such as LinkedIn, to showcase your expertise.
Like a diploma is to a degree, you will receive a digital badge when you complete this MicroCred. The badge is unique to the topic and is distributed through an official badging software with metadata encrypted to show its legitimacy and your qualifications. Additionally, some programs are credit-bearing, so you have the choice to apply the credits you earned in the program toward an online degree.
For professional development MicroCreds, most courses must be completed in four weeks. For credit-bearing courses, four weeks is the minimum; however, you can take up to six months to complete the course. Extensions are also offered.

There are two types of MicroCred programs: self-paced or term-based.

If you are enrolling into a self-paced MicroCred, you can immediately enroll by purchasing the program and begin your course the very same day.

If you are enrolling into a term-based MicroCred, you can purchase the program at any point; however, you cannot begin your first course until the next term start date. LSU has 6 term start dates in 2020:

  • Spring 1: January 13, 2020
  • Spring 2: March 9, 2020
  • Summer 1: May 11, 2020
  • Summer 2: July 6, 2020
  • Fall 1: August 31, 2020
  • Fall 2: October 26, 2020
If credit is issued for your MicroCred, it will be recorded by the University Registrar and appear on your record and transcript as credit for specific LSU courses once you are admitted and enrolled as an active LSU student. Whether a course applies to a specific certificate or degree is determined by the program requirements.
A course may count toward multiple MicroCreds. So, you can build on one MicroCred to earn another. Additionally, LSU Online offers “fully stackable” pathways in certain online concentrations, like construction management and accounting, where a student can begin their education journey from a MicroCred through a graduate degree.
You can request a badge by filling out the form here.
No, financial aid is currently available for credit-bearing degree programs. If you would like more information about financial aid, contact our enrollment concierges here.

Each program is unique with different learning objectives and outcomes related to the topic. You can expect to become more proficient in the subject with an emphasis on real-world application.

Certified FinTech Banker online credentials - coming soon!

The financial technology industry is rapidly changing how we are purchasing goods and services. This non-credit online course provides information on important aspects of FinTech so the student can be more strategic in their efforts for innovation and modernization. Potential topics include Introduction to FinTech, Blockchain Essentials, AI in Fintech, and more. Successful completion of the MicroCred earns you a digital badge to publicize your achievement in your specialization online.