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Switching to Panopto this Fall!

July 21, 2021

LSU Online and Continuing Education has started the process of migrating Kaltura MyMedia content over to Panopto. Faculty will now see a Kaltura folder of copied videos in their Panopto MyFolder on the Panopto Cloud site ( Our next step involves updating faculty Kaltura links in Moodle classes with the corresponding Panopto version. We plan to have these replacements in place for the Fall 2021 terms. For Kaltura Assignments, we will be working with faculty directly to set up new Assignment activities with Panopto enabled as a submission method.


Panopto offers the same features of video creation, upload, auto-captioning, editing, and sharing that you are used to in Kaltura. One of the benefits of Panopto is its ability to more easily share video content privately and publicly outside of Moodle. From the Panopto cloud, you have several sharing options, including a public link. Likewise, within Moodle, Panopto is a great tool for increasing student engagement. Panopto content can be added to lessons, quizzes, and used in Forums to make your Moodle course more interactive.  Look for the green Panopto icon to include your video content using the Atto editor. Students have the added benefit of being able to add notes to the videos you share with them to aid in their learning.

Creating content or simply uploading to Panopto can be done through both the browser and the desktop application. Multimedia classrooms across campus already have the Panopto desktop lecture capture tool ready for your use. Panopto has automatic machine captions for new content. You may easily edit the content through the cloud interface.

For more information on Panopto, see our website, contact the FTC, or attend one of the training sessions available from