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Wiris MathType, ChemType, and Quizzes 

Wiris MathType and ChemType for Atto is an application in Moodle that enables the easy creation of math equations and chemistry formulas using a visual editor. This also allows for handwriting in mobile devices and tablets of formula and solutions. Wiris Quizzes is a question bank integration that adds calculation functionality to math and science questions created by a user. 


Wiris MathType and ChemType for Atto are used to communicate chemical formulas and mathematical languages within Moodle. This allows users to type and handwrite mathematical notation in Moodle with MathType. Wiris Quizzes adds new Moodle Quiz question types.  


The integrated Wiris Studio in Wiris Quizzes question types allows for several advanced calculation features in Moodle Quiz questions. For example, a question can be created with random variables, so students receive random problem sets to work through.  

The Wiris Atto plugin features both ChemType and MathType editing tools, but they overlap in functionality so either can be used.  


Moodle: WIRIS MathType and ChemType for Atto

Moodle: Wiris Quizzes

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