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Kaltura is a tool available to LSU faculty, staff, and students for video publishing, management, and distribution (via Moodle). Instructors can create videos, stream videos directly inside Moodle, or assign a video assignment for students to submit their own Kaltura project.

***LSU is prioritizing the use of Panopto for video creation, editing, sharing and storage. Panopto integrates easily into your Moodle course and also avoids several known issues with Kaltura.


Record micro-lectures of content, examples, and explanations. These can be uploaded/embedded in Moodle as a video or audio.


All videos must be captioned and adhere to accessibility standards with a transcript provided to students. Keep the videos short. Kaltura auto-captions but these captions should be edited prior to distribution.


Kaltura - LSU Overview

Adding a Kaltura Video Resource

How to Request Captions

Best Practices for Creating Videos

How to Request Captions

How to Edit Captions in Kaltura Videos

Accessibility Guidelines