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Providing Feedback

Timely and constructive feedback provides students with a clearer focus to action and learning. When feedback helps students understand what they need to do to improve their performance, it becomes a strong predictor of positive student outcomes.


Providing Meaningful & Timely Feedback

Faculty Resources for Learning Design & Teaching (Module 4 - Moodle Course)

Expectations for Online Courses

Designing Effective Online Discussions

Regulation Alert!

Regular and Substantive Interaction: A strong instructor presence and regular constructive interactions with qualified faculty differentiate a quality online course from a correspondence course. This basic premise forms the foundation of the Regular and Substantive Interaction (RSI) rule established by the Department of Education. Our students are eligible for financial aid because of the RSI component in our online courses as compared to correspondence courses. The Regular and Substantive Interaction in Online Courses document provides guidelines for incorporating RSI in online courses. Additionally, check out Module 4 in the Faculty Resources for Learning Design & Teaching course to learn more about RSI components that must be included in all online courses. 

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