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Developing an Assessment Strategy

Having an assessment strategy that is aligned to the course outcomes is imperative to guarantee that successful completion equals mastery of the course outcomes. When assessments are designed to require active engagement and participation from students, such hands-on activities lead to more effective demonstration and verification of learning outcomes.


Assessment Strategy

Financial Aid Reporting: Academic Engagement Requirement

Rethinking Traditional Assessments

Faculty Resources for Learning Design & Teaching (Module 1 - Moodle Course)

Moodle Gradebook Setup

Using the Gradebook

Professional Development

Design Your Course: Rethinking Assessments

Regulation Alert!

Academic Engagement Activity (AEA): Federal Financial Aid regulations require the confirmation of attendance in order for students to receive federal aid. The confirmation of attendance in online courses is achieved by students completing an academic activity in Moodle by the Census date. If there is no academic activity available and students are not able to provide evidence of participation, it will result in a delay in the disbursement of financial aid to students. This confirmation is required for all students. You should plan to provide qualifying active academic engagement activities before census day to assist students in maintaining their federal financial aid. Check out these Frequently Answered Questions for additional details. 

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