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Test Preparation and Notary

Before staking your professional future on a certification exam, test your knowledge with us. You’ll find an investment in our Test Preparation courses builds more than knowledge — it builds confidence that you’ll get the job done from day one. At LSU Continuing Education, we partner with the best certification firms in the business.

Interested in becoming a Notary Public? We’ll supply the study guides and walk you through review sessions that give you the upper hand. Need to prepare for a graduate or professional school exam? Our online GRE, GMAT, and LSAT test prep courses offer the most up-to-date materials, expert instruction, and test-taking strategies. Our courses make sure you master the material before you tackle the test. That’s the confidence you can count on.

Test Preparation

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Notary Public Preparatory Course

A descriptions of the Notary Public Preparatory Course is listed in the Continuing Education online catalog.

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