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Business Communication Certificate

LSU’s Business Communication Certificate Program is designed to provide all professionals with the skills needed to become effective communicators in their companies or organizations. Participants will develop and enhance their written, verbal, and cross-cultural communication skills and presentation techniques, to ensure success in any environment.

Professional development courses are open to all participants, not just those pursuing a certificate program. These courses are non-credit and non-degree programs.

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Course Listing

Four core courses and one elective required.

Core Courses

  • PBCBW - Effective Business Communication and Writing
  • PBMIS - Interpersonal Success in the Workplace
  • PBPCD - Public Speaking: Personal & Professional
  • PBCBF - Strategic Communication

Suggested Elective (choose 1)

  • CGPMS - Mastering PowerPoint
  • PBNGM – Winning and Managing Grants
  • PBCIC - Communication in Conflict Situations
$1,920 (additional $295-395 with elective)
Why choose LSU?

LSU Professional Development is committed to providing you with the latest tools you need to stay ahead in a rapidly changing world.

We offer courses and certificate programs that target high-value, highly practical information that can be applied immediately.

Our instructors are select LSU faculty and proven professionals from business, industry, academia, and leading consulting firms from across the nation.

You can be confident when you team up with LSU we will provide your professionals with a high-quality educational program.

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