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Leisure Courses

LSU Leisure Courses are personal enrichment programs that are led by experienced and friendly instructors in a non-academic setting. These programs are designed to promote engagement and exploration to help you try out new activities and interests (or to master an existing skill). Courses are taught in groups and take place at a variety of locations in Baton Rouge, LA, depending on the needs of the individual courses. No membership is required, so you can take any course that interests you.

If you qualify to join our OLLI at LSU program, more information can be found here.

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Course announcements will be coming soon. However, take a look at a few past courses offered below.

Acrylic Painting

Learn acrylic painting methods and materials and the fundamentals of drawing. Under expert direction, learn the characteristics and handling techniques of acrylic colors, media, and painting surfaces. Find out how to accomplish textural effects using a knife and brush.

Digital Photography DSLR

Feeling overwhelmed with all the settings on your new DSLR? In this beginning class, you will start by learning how to operate your DSLR camera, then learn the basics of photography and you will be on your way to taking great photos. Learn about different types of cameras, how and when to change settings, elements of composition, and types of lenses with a professional photographer.

Cajun Dance

Dance the night away, cher! Have fun learning the traditional Cajun waltz, two-step and jitterbug, and listen as Roland Doucet shares his love and knowledge of Cajun culture. Mais, there's no better way to get in touch with Louisiana culture than dancing and having a good time!

Tai Chi

Tai chi is a traditional martial art that originated in China. It is a mind-body practice that requires participants to move their bodies slowly and regulate their breath constantly. This gentle and calming exercise helps to lower stress and improve physical wellbeing and balance, especially for seniors. Learn some tai chi movements and exercises designed to improve movement control.

Wine Appreciation

Through the brain, tongue, nose, and eyes, explore everything about wine: the kinds of grapes and where the best are grown; how wine is made; how to taste wine; tannins, acids, and sugar; how wines were and are rated; how to interpret a wine label; written reviews, who reviews them and why; shapes of the bottles and what they tell us; storing wine; pairing with food; famous wines; and more! There is an infinite variety of wines. Come find the ones you like best.


Many scholars consider Hamlet to be William Shakespeare's masterpiece. Why do people love it so much? In this course, we will discuss the play from start to finish, beginning with the Scandinavian origins of the tale. We will consider the historical moment in which it was written, including the influence of other plays and playwrights and the political situation in London at the time. Join us in reading and watching scenes to discuss the structure of Shakespearean tragedy, the audience who watched the play, and Hamlet's journey through the stages of grief. Together, we can think about the profound truths this great play reveals about the nature of courage and vengeance.