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SQL for Analytics Certificate

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90 Hours (9.0 CEUs)

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Manipulate Complex Data with SQL

In our technology-driven age, data analysis plays a crucial role in businesses across industries, and it’s important that organizations have professionals who understand how to interact with data. SQL, or Structured Query Language, is easy to use, has the ability to manipulate multiple databases at once, and can be used to create advanced dashboards for data analysis. This SQL for Analytics Certificate is the second part of the Tableau Business & Data Analytics Certificate. This program is designed to introduce students to the fundamentals of SQL and prepare them to lead modern data analysis in any field.

In just three online SQL courses, students will learn to identify the role and structure of relational databases as they apply to data analytics, SQL in MySQL for data manipulation language (DML), in MySQL for data definition language (DDL), and normal forms (1NF, 2NF, & 3NF) for database normalization. With our flexible format, you can learn SQL online from wherever you are to increase your skills and expand your career opportunities.

This program can stack into the LSU Tableau Business & Data Analytics Specialist Certificate program.

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Course Listing: SQL for Analytics

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If courses are purchased individually, you will have four weeks to complete the single course. If the program is purchased as a bundle, you will have three months to complete the program.

Extensions for individual courses is $95 for an additional week.

Extensions for the entire program is $195 for an additional month.


Courses require access to high-speed Internet, email, web browser (Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox recommended), MS PowerPoint, and Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Digital Badge Details

Successful completion of all courses within the program earns you an official LSU digital badge to show off your skill sets. This badge can be used to bulk up your online résumé and showcase your expertise in the topic. Badges are distributed through Badgr. For more information on digital badges, visit the LSU digital badge page. If you have completed this program, request your badge.

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Potential Career Outlook
  • IT Systems Analyst
  • Data Analytics Consultant
  • Operations Analyst
  • Quantitative Analyst
  • Healthcare Data Analyst
  • Transportation Logistics Specialist
  • Project Manager

If courses in the MicroCred® are purchased individually, the cost is $775 each for a total cost of $2,325.

Bundle and save!

  • If purchased as MicroCred® program, there is a 10% bundle fee discount for each course for a total cost of $2,090.
  • This MicroCred® is part of the Tableau Business & Data Analytics Certificate program. If purchased as a certificate program, there is a 20% bundle fee discount for each course for a total cost of $5,580.

Payment is due prior to beginning the course.

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Note: Prices are subject to change. Contact an Enrollment Coach to see what savings you may qualify for.

Learning Outcomes

SQL I: Foundations of SQL

  • Apply foundational SQL skills to summarize and describe the contents of relational databases.

SQL II: Applied SQL

  • Extract meaningful insights from relational databases using intermediate and advanced data manipulation language (DML) skills.

SQL III: Database Design

  • Design industry-standard, normalized (up to 3NF), relational database schemas using data definition language (DDL).
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  • Earn 3 credits for GBUS 3301 - Visual Analytics

Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) is determined on a case-by-case basis and subject to change. Please reach out to an Enrollment Coach for details.