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Salesforce Administrator Career Specialist Certificate

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180 hours (18.0 CEUs)

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As widespread as Salesforce is in today’s business landscape, it’s important that companies and businesses have individuals trained to ensure that their organization is getting everything they can out of Salesforce. The LSU Online & Continuing Education Salesforce Administrator Career Specialist Certificate is developed in partnership with Salesforce and is designed to prepare you for high-demand roles in Salesforce administration and customer relationship management (CRM).

Participants will get hands-on experience in CRM best practices and get preparation for the Salesforce Administrator credential exam. At the end of the program, students will also receive a co-branded certificate and digital badge from LSU and Salesforce to display their subject-matter expertise, which can be utilized to earn an in-demand job as a Salesforce Administrator or CRM Administrator.

Salesforce Administrator Career Specialist Webinar Highlights

Learn more about the LSU Online & Continuing Education Salesforce Administrator Career Specialist Certificate and get an overview of what to expect from this program.

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Course Listing
  • Customer Relationship Management for Business
  • Introduction to Salesforce Administration
  • Advanced Topics in Salesforce Administration

If courses are purchased individually, the cost is $1,190 each.

Bundle and save!

  • If purchased as the Certificate program, there is a 30% bundle fee discount for a total cost of $2,499.

Payment is due prior to beginning the course.

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Note: Prices are subject to change. Contact an Enrollment Coach to see what savings you may qualify for.


If courses are purchased individually, you will have six weeks to complete the single course. If the certificate program is purchased as a bundle, you will have six months to complete the certificate program.

Extensions for individual courses is $95 for an additional week.

Extensions for the entire certificate program is $295 for an additional two months.


Courses require access to high-speed Internet, email, and a web browser (Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox recommended).

Digital Badge Details

Successful completion of all courses within the program earns you an official LSU digital badge to show off your skill sets. This badge can be used to bulk up your online résumé and showcase your expertise in the topic. Badges are distributed through Badgr. For more information on digital badges, visit the LSU digital badge page. If you have completed this program, request your badge.

Refund & Cancellation Policy

Our refund and cancellation policies vary and are subject to change.

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Potential Career Outlook
  • CRM/Salesforce Administrator
  • CRM/Salesforce Consultant
  • Sales Representative
    Learning Outcomes

    Customer Relationship Management for Business

    Salesforce brings customers and companies together by helping companies track and manage customer information, support customers, and do a whole lot more. Salesforce is one of the most powerful tools in the CRM and cloud computing industry. This course is designed to provide you with a strong foundation on how to use Salesforce, a customer relationship management system, as an end-user. Specifically, this course will teach you to use the Lightning edition of two of Salesforce's main products: Sales Cloud and Service Cloud.

    • Articulate and demonstrate how CRM works in the context of sales, marketing, and service in modern businesses.
    • Import data into Salesforce and manage communication with contacts and qualification of leads.
    • Demonstrate proficiency using Salesforce Sales Cloud Lightning by managing accounts, opportunities, products, quotes, and contracts.
    • Perform service/support agent processes using the Salesforce Case Management and Knowledge features.
    • Build reports, charts, and dashboards to communicate relevant information about sales performance to stakeholders and executives.

    Introduction to Salesforce Administration

    This course is designed to provide you with a foundation on how to use Salesforce as a CRM administrator. You will learn about the roles and responsibilities of an administrator in a hands-on way, and you will practice completing tasks within Salesforce that reflect typical job functions of a Salesforce administrator. You will explore Salesforce user management, platform customization, and user interface configuration, which are vital skills for Salesforce administration. You will discover how to translate business requests into Salesforce configurations.

    • Demonstrate a practical understanding of the overall functions and duties performed by an administrator, including user/feature management, platform access, and basic org configuration settings.
    • Extend standard Sales Cloud features to support company and product-specific data, and customize sales and support processes.
    • Customize the Salesforce user interface to create role/department-specific presentations of features and functionality.
    • Design and build custom Salesforce apps that support unique business requirements.
    • Demonstrate proficiency with the analytical capabilities of Salesforce by configuring and providing custom reporting tools.

    Advanced Topics in Salesforce Administration

    In this course, you will utilize increasingly complex Salesforce functionality as a CRM system administrator. You will learn to customize advanced Salesforce settings, implement a permissions and sharing model to control access to data, and you will learn how to enable Sales Cloud and Service Cloud features to support different business-specific use cases. You will also discover how to use process automation tools to simplify and automate common business processes, and you will explore advanced analytics tools in Salesforce to explore historical trends in data and create forecasts.

    • Utilize advanced company information and settings, and extend Sales/Service Cloud with advanced features.
    • Identify the capabilities for controlling access to Salesforce records/data, and design a permissions and sharing model that enforces business-specific security requirements.
    • Configure the appropriate declarative tools to standardize custom business processes and perform automated actions.
    • Understand tools for Salesforce data management and extend standard/custom apps to enforce business rules and maintain clean data.
    • Configure and utilize advanced reporting and analytical tools to explore sales performance and address business questions.