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DevOps: Release Orchestration MicroCert

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18 Hours (1.8 CEUs)

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DevOps is an area of growth in the IT field across industries. The curriculum for this program is for beginners, those who would like to see if this career is for them. It has been organized for those with or without a college degree who would like an overview of the profession along with an understanding of major principles of DevOps.

Release orchestration is a series of processes that ensures products have a smooth launch, efficient maintenance, and successful updates. It allows organizations to experience less pain when software is released, and to make the release process a business decision instead of a technical decision. Learners will be able to explain how release orchestration is part of the DevOps process and culture. Learners will be able to differentiate between tools to apply concepts, infer best practices, evaluate tasks to identify logical release orchestration pipeline, and create strategies for implementation.

This program is part of the DevOps Engineer Certificate program.

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Course Listing

Although not required, it is advised to take the courses in this order:

  • CODVO - Introduction to DevOps (Online)
  • CODEF - Fundamentals of Release Orchestration (Online)
  • CODEA - Applications of Release Orchestration (Online)

Each course is $395. Payment is due prior to beginning your course. There are also other payment options available.

Note: Prices are subject to change. Contact an Enrollment Coach to see what savings you may qualify for.


Each online course in this program must be completed within 4 weeks. Each course includes unique learning objectives and outcomes and is completed entirely online.


These online courses require access to a computer with Internet access, email, an Internet browser (Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox recommended), MS PowerPoint, and Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Digital Badge Details

Successful completion of all courses within the program earns you an official LSU digital badge to show off your skill sets. This badge can be used to bulk up your online résumé and showcase your expertise in the topic. Badges are distributed through Badgr. For more information on digital badges, visit the LSU digital badge page. If you have completed this program, request your badge.

Learning Outcomes

Introduction to DevOps (Online)

  • Explain the culture of DevOps
  • Explain different approaches or frameworks used to complement DevOps culture
  • Identify DevOps concepts, technology tools, and languages utilized within DevOps teams
  • Plan for a career in the field of DevOps

Fundamentals of Release Orchestration (Online)

  • Explain how release orchestration is part of the DevOps process and culture
  • Differentiate between tools to apply DevOps concepts
  • Infer best practices in DevOps and release orchestration

Applications of Release Orchestration (Online)

  • Evaluate tasks to identify a logical release orchestration pipeline
  • Create a strategy for a fictional company in their transition to release orchestration
  • Select an appropriate release orchestration tool, given a fictional company’s needs